Growing up through a dream.
I make a dream and bring up a heart.
Kaimei copper elongation makes the dream of people through manufacturing in corporate philosophy in, "yes, I mend a thing".
Metal Report
Latest metal report
Aluminum marker price 460 yen/kg (2024/6/11-2024/9/10) 
Aluminum metal (days update)
Brass Dalai powder      1,057 yen/kg    (2024/7/19 update)
Electrolytic copper market quotations      1,500 yen/kg    (2024/7/19 update)
Electric zinc market quotations       493 yen/kg (2024/7/18 update)
※[Yamamoto market quotations] It fluctuates by the date and time. A past change history can consider that I click a name.

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Company profile
From copper elongation, pushing out of the aluminum shape to processing. I cope by small lot for a short term. I will produce it in the a great variety of cross-sections that the needs of the customer had. In addition, a square, a straight angle, an angle channel, a circle pipe, the corner pipe said to be a general model, a general-purpose model has a die at various size.
Copper elongation product
Product information
It produces a copper compound metal stick and aluminum alloy extruded profiles.
"Thank you," I aim at the product which a customer can say to, "yes, a thing is soft" and continue polishing a technique.
Copper elongation product
Copper elongation product
I push you and can do a complicated, special shape alone in the "heteromorphic Kaimei" country.
We are good at a complicated, special shape and help with the processing loss reduction of the customer. In addition, I develop special materials depending on us's original use and the recently much-talked-about materials for environment and provide the eco-friendly materials.
Aluminum product
Aluminum product
"Kaimei of the accessory"
I am good at a small, complicated shape.
I am good at the shape that we are small, and is complicated and meet the request of the customer from die production to pushing out, processing in coherent product line. In addition, I develop it to meet special materials except 6063 which are general materials.
Production information
We challenge a micro by every technique in a motto with "a present of the true heart".
I pursue the making of better product with stern eyes every day.
Production process copper elongation product
Production process
Copper elongation product
I develop an original product by a self-developed machine. A special alloy affects it by multi-kind production with a special shape in small quantities.
Production process aluminum product
Production process
Aluminum product
Corrosion resistance by the alumite processing, abrasion resistant improvement are possible. I produce a great variety of products from the quality first and the process that I did.
Extruded technique
Extruded technique
Technique of the artisan and original extruding process, it which were systematized are our prides.
Die design technology
Die design technology
From a design to production. Thought having one one by originality and invention in a form.
Kaimei copper elongation
Kaimei copper elongation
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