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Employment information

 The company says that "Homo sapiens thing money" is important, but Homo sapiens is actually important in all. It may be said that the growth of the person is the growth of the company after all when it thinks that it is a person to inflect to manage a thing and the money. We practice management step by step. The growth of the company is because the growth of the person thinks that it is important surely to continue growing up without unreasonableness little by little.
 Anyone feels like there being it when I write that it is by one step in this way, but it is unexpectedly difficult. When some people grow up, I am conceited and come to cut corners. "Oh," several years pass between and often miss a precious chance when I notice.
Achievements, security, a technique, improvement, sale, production are delayed in all work at the moment when the company thought that this is enough with a similar thing when I think in this way, and it is not possible even to maintain it.
 We want to grow up with employees in a motto in "I bring up a structure, a heart in a dream" step by step.
Kaimei copper elongation
President Keiichiro Okamura
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