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About development of products

 We from founding those days as an atypical stick primary occupation manufacturer as for the building hardware, the motor parts, the apparatus parts in total, the gas appliance parts, the stationery, the miscellaneous goods parts,
For a wide use, I produced the atypical stick of the shape that I could produce only in us.
"I want to know it as I make the request of the customer "form" based on the production know-how that I cultivated how you can utilize which "I want to develop the original variant stick" in own company", please feel free to contact us until now.
About 1, the suggestion of the shape

I draw a figure with a manufacturable shape if I can have a figure of simple reference.
In addition, please consult whatever you want as I suggest a shape based on the processing contents in a use and customers.
About 2, the development of materials

As we hold billet casting equipment, the development of the special alloy of the brass system is possible, too.
Which "I want corrosion resistance" meets a development item to "want to raise strength" from a small quantity in a small smelting furnace for the development.
About 3, brass atypical hollow stick "mitoseru"

The production of the atypical hollow stick is possible in us. I realize reduction in cost by shortening in reduction, processing time for processing loss.

Development, design

I meet a request of a design and the processing based on an image and the drawing which a customer gave to me.
I have all start-to-finish production facilities by design and development from a die becoming the basics of the product in the company and cope with the making of better product.
Design image
3DCAD image

Flows from an inquiry to production

1, inquiry

The inquiry "can you make such a thing?" that I do not mind in a figure of simple image even if there is not a drawing is welcome!
Please feel free to contact me about materials and the shape.
2, meeting (estimate, examination)

Our salesman does the suggestion of the product, cost side.
I perform production from a design consistently in us and make an image a form with a customer.
3, trial product production

After producing a trial product, please confirm the state of the product with a customer.
I perform an offer, the tour of the plant of the trial product depending on the request of the customer.
After 4, the mass production, I deliver it

I perform itadaketamashitara mass production satisfied with a trial product.
I pack the product and send it to the delivery of goods of the customer hope.
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