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Various systems

Personnel system

We start a grade system, an evaluation system, "personnel system to be able to see" by the pay system in 2004. The personnel system changed it by a background in the times and, in 2007, changed 2011 and the small of it. In addition, I aim at 2019 and examine personnel system reform and aim at the personnel system construction corresponding to the diversification with personnel system to be able to see. I always work on a system corresponding to "worth doing" and "the individual nature" for a working person.
I can choose [way of working] that fitted you!
I introduce the way of working system that is newer than May, 2019 in us. We review personnel system newly while the needs for a variety of ways of working increases and suggest six types of full-time duty systems. For example, I want to aim at the improvement of career using education system of the company which wants to expand a private by adjusting an overtime hour and can choose a way of working that fitted oneself. In addition, in response to special circumstances, I can work as a regular staff for a short time temporarily. I realize various ways of working by the Kaimei copper elongation and provide the workplace with the job satisfaction more.

List of number of the qualification maintainers

A prevention of pollution manager (the noise, vibration): Four people
A disaster prevention management class: Eight people
A prevention of pollution manager (the atmosphere-related second kind): Five people
Voluntary maintenance person official approval (the first grade): Two people
A prevention of pollution manager (the quality of the water-related second kind): Three people
Director education: One person
A prevention of pollution manager (the quality of the water-related first kind): One person
The second kind lack of oxygen danger work chief person skill class: Three people
A first-class electric construction person: Four people
Let be with grinding it; the special education of the worker: Six people
The third kind electricity chief engineer: One person
A manager for JIS quality control: 16 people
A forklift driving skill class: 47 people
A first-class hygiene manager: Four people
Tamakake skill class: 51 people
An energy management class: Six people
Crane driving duties special education: 45 people
Daily amount bookkeeping official approval (the second grade): Four people
An autogenous welding skill class: 14 people
Business carrier official approval (the third grade): Three people
Arc welding special education: 19 people
Service service official approval (the second grade): One person
The dangerous materials handling (four kinds of second): 13 people
Chief work person technology classes such as specified chemical substance, four alkyllead: Four people
A drying equipment work chief person skill class: Three people
A first grade fire prevention management class: 11 people

Welfare program

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