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Various systems

Personnel system

We start a grade system, an evaluation system, "personnel system to be able to see" by the pay system in 2004. The personnel system changed it by a background in the times and, in 2007, changed 2011 and the small of it. In addition, in 2019, I performed personnel system reform aiming at personnel system construction corresponding to the diversification with personnel system to be able to see. I always work on a system corresponding to "worth doing" and "the individual nature" for a working person.

About "a new way of working"

I introduced a full-time duty system a new type of than May, 2019.
The use of adjustment & education system of the overtime hour
I can choose the way of working that fitted you from nine types mentioned above.
For example, as for the overtime hour, is rather less, the lessons and oneself to want to make time "1C,"
I want to work overtime as much as possible, and the one to want to take the qualification as much as possible can choose a duty pattern for a feeling in "3A".
In addition, the change (as a general rule, together with one year) of the type is possible to the change of circumstances, too.
Duty as the at one time -like short time regular staff
Special circumstances produce care of parents and can work as a regular staff for a short time temporarily when duty in the full-time becomes difficult. It is a system born from thought to "want you to continue it as much as possible because you did your best with much effort until now". If special circumstances stop, you can work in full-time again.

List of number of the qualification maintainers

A prevention of pollution manager (the noise, vibration): Four people
A disaster prevention management class: Eight people
A prevention of pollution manager (the atmosphere-related second kind): Five people
Voluntary maintenance person official approval (the first grade): Two people
A prevention of pollution manager (the quality of the water-related second kind): Three people
Director education: One person
A prevention of pollution manager (the quality of the water-related first kind): One person
The second kind lack of oxygen danger work chief person skill class: Three people
A first-class electric construction person: Four people
Let be with grinding it; the special education of the worker: Six people
The third kind electricity chief engineer: One person
A manager for JIS quality control: 16 people
A forklift driving skill class: 47 people
A first-class hygiene manager: Four people
Tamakake skill class: 51 people
An energy management class: Six people
Crane driving duties special education: 45 people
Daily amount bookkeeping official approval (the second grade): Four people
An autogenous welding skill class: 14 people
Business carrier official approval (the third grade): Three people
Arc welding special education: 19 people
Service service official approval (the second grade): One person
The dangerous materials handling (four kinds of second): 13 people
Chief work person technology classes such as specified chemical substance, four alkyllead: Four people
A drying equipment work chief person skill class: Three people
A first grade fire prevention management class: 11 people

Welfare program

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