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Process of manufacture of the aluminum section

Aluminum which is eco-friendly, and colors rich life all through the ages. I answer in needs to become advancement, the diverseness quickly.
Aluminum which is light, and extends the use with material properties superior in workability. In late years it is paid the attention as eco-friendly material while an environmental problem is demanded. Our aluminum ware is created by the quality first and the process that I did and brings about a great variety of products.
And, aiming at further progress, I challenge the product which can be satisfied with the field of special order, the customer including the special shape.
I give big result to improvement of the productivity and improvement of the quality by thoroughly knowing the automation of the process to reach pushing out, cutting, the product from a billet.
I make use of know-how and the technique in the copper elongation section and am proud of product development capability to lead the industry now.

Process of manufacture

1. The billet arrival

A lump of the aluminum called "billet" is used in the extrusion of aluminum. It is A6063, A6005C, A3003 mainly. The billet is cut to necessary length after it was heated up and is set to an extruder. The photograph is a long billet before I am cut.

It is a heat-treatment furnace heating a long billet. It is solid (true shape) and is heated to several hundred degrees to the difference in shape such as Jolo (hollow shape) and the difference in materials of the billet.
I heat up and adjust the die to established temperature to a shape and materials like a billet and set it to an extruder.
3.Pushing out

The photograph is an extruder. I pressure a heated die, billet and mold a necessary shape by pushing you. The extruded line is 50m and I change speed in total and push you in a shape.

It cools the product which I pushed.

A distortion or torsion occur to materials just after pushing out. I correct it by pulling it with a stretcher from the both ends.

It is a cutting machine on the extruded line cutting pushed materials with dozens of meters to order from customer length. If it is length more than 2m, it is sectile here.
When I go to alumite, I cut it to alumite carry-on length.

I do it to the value of standard that handles it in statute of limitations, and was established in JIS of the product.
We have the increase of the mechanical property such as the hardness, cutting-related improvement for the purpose heat-treating. T5 processing and T6 processing are possible in us.
8.Inspection, packing

I inspect the finished product and I pack it and ship it to the specifications of the designation. The sho packing including the corrugated cardboard case packing for lot is welcome, too. Please consult about packing specifications you like at the time of a meeting.

I send it to the customer as a product.
When there is alumite processing, I advance to the next process.

I bring the aluminum shape which was finished when I do alumite processing into the outside order.
Please see this about surface treatment in detail.
11.Inspection, packing

I return a product of the alumite processing finished to the office and pack it with inspection.

I send it to the customer as a product.
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