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Activity of the creed

I assume DNA = creed the criterion of a thought, the action

 I express a behavior pattern, sense of values, a way of thinking that are traditional and were good succeeded for Kaimei copper elongation ceaselessly, skill know-how as DNA. In addition, the creed expressed, an employee of the Kaimei copper elongation "wanted to be such a company, such an employee" based on this DNA.
 When a creed was united with this DNA, the Kaimei copper elongation should be able to become the really splendid company.
 Because I can handle work in the very front by oneself, I may take pride when I do full-fledged work.
 However, it may become awaiting instructions without being good how, or it being revealed that there are not the instructions from the boss when I meet with the scene which must work of improvement and the role in one.
 While I think that "a chairperson, a president was talked about hot" is, "the manager, the section manager was doing such a thing" back when it looks like it, I may notice DNA of the Kaimei copper elongation when I consider with "it is interesting if I do it by such a method if I (I) do it".
 You should talk with the boss, a co-worker about discussion to understand a value standard to play in the root of the creed until assent goes repeatedly.
 I will utilize DNA = Kaimei copper elongation creed as a common value judgment standard systematically from now on.
 I assume DNA = creed which I thought about with all the employees a criterion and everybody is slim and wrestles in a thought, things to evolve.
 This is DNA = creed studies of the Kaimei copper elongation
 The creed is "a creed" represented in Johnson & Johnson and Ritz Carlton. We started in April, 2011 and were completed as business of the 60th anniversary in November, 2011.
 Our creed expresses good culture (DNA) that Kaimei copper elongation has for a long time and a way of thinking to be required from now on. It is established from 99 creeds (as of November, 2018) and, from various situations such as production, sale, quality, management, management, conveys "the figure which there should be" as an employee of the Kaimei copper elongation.
 A current employee and the employee who will enter the company from now on approve of it as ethics, a criterion in this creed, and it is an employee of "the Kaimei copper elongation" if and when I act.
 It is the creed which cannot be realized still more, but is happy if you can see it once.

Kaimei copper elongation
Keiichiro Okamura


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