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Voice of the senior employee

2010 entering a company / light metals production / Yamashita

Are you doing what kind of work now?

I pack my work from a product and the outside order processing after the extruding process of the aluminum to be to carry the product which returned to the cause of each process worker, and to ship work and a packed product, and the loading to a truck works. I keep a close eye on the whole while always thinking about how there is a worker without waste efficiently to achieve an everyday aim, and what workshop should the next change? The next prevents ... and a series of flows from being delayed.


As the amount of production on the day may change  with one way of own preparation, the responsibility is big, but the sense of accomplishment when I was able to perform all well is big at all. My position is a role not to produce any profit on production. However, it is a necessary position for the spot. I wrote even the above, but the amount of production on the day may change with one way of my work.

It has the importance to change with one own steering, but is worthwhile very much that a result depends by, in other words, own discretion.


 I entered this Kaimei copper elongation by halfway entering a company. A reason included the thought to want to be engaged in manufacturing and chose us.

 As the former work was a service industry, it was a brother by a different mother, but they can participate in a study session without asking an office, outside the company in us, and the contents last for many divergences to a thing about the management let alone contents concerned with production. I can get a variety of knowledge and experience depending on own effort. In addition, I can work with worth doing as the effort is evaluated properly.

I am advised to a job hunting student

 I came to employ a lot of words to "be why" after I entered us. I use it for the investigation of the true reason for the matter in the duties, but come to have interest, interest by thinking even about a private "why".

I think that this thing that I am interested in is important. I feel that quantity understanding makes a great difference by conventional experience in information and the information in the uninteresting state on having been interested.


 ji tteitadakerebanato thinks of interest in various things by all means. In addition, I would appreciate your being interested in us by all means as it must be a fate to have had you see a homepage in this way.

2015 entering a company / business / Miyamoto

Are you doing what kind of work now?

 I sell an aluminum shape, the sales of the brass variant stick in Tokyo Office. As I am from Kansai, the business activity in Tokyo is very fresh, and it is fun! On my day, I begin with the entrance cleaning of the office in the morning and begin because I perform a morning gathering, an email check.


 And as there is a customer in charge approximately 60 now, I hang 1 daytime and visit it and perform adjustment, the meeting of the new item on a customer and information exchange, a deadline. In addition, knowledge and the experience are rich because the number of years that a customer, the boss, seniors are the nonferrous metal industries than me, and acts is long. I work on duties while associating with such people, and studying every day.


The decisive factor that I entered is because the  smile of the employee is wonderful and felt climate full of the human touch in the company to be. Greetings of the office when I visited it in an interview still remain in the impression very comfortably. I am in Tokyo now, but go to drink it with an always on-site senior when work is over when I come back to the head office. I have you always take care and really thank you.

Talked in the beginning, but, in our good place that I feel, a smile is wonderful; full of the human touch is climate in the company! I am assigned to this.

I am advised to a job hunting student

 We go for a company briefing session as much as possible, and let's say some good thing at the time of the interview! I think that it is OK without thinking about nado if I can talk in a loud voice for a pure heart with a smile briskly! Please do your best without being discouraged although being a pleasure!

2010 entering a company / business office work / Tanaka

Are you doing what kind of work now?

 Business office work. Order input work and the slip issuance work from a customer, a telephone reception.

I do not only the order input from a customer but also the urgent deadline correspondence to "want a deadline to hurry because it became out of stock". When I had the words of thanks, after all I am glad that I can cope on the deadline of the customer desired.


In the second year, there was our homepage  after my entering Kaimei copper elongation, and getting business office work, but the inquiry from the customer who had you see a homepage hardly functioned with approximately several in a year without being able to readily update it in those days. I aimed for increase of the inquiry number from the homepage to be able to do a pulling in customers activity as one of being able to be engaged in pulling in customers as business office work on the homepage.


When I participated in a seminar and studied  as I did not have the knowledge of the homepage at all and thought about the contents to get a lot of looks of the customer, I tried that it was various. As a result of having been active for one year, the number of inquiries that were several cases increased to nearly 100 in a year, and ten new business grew up in the established homepage. I had many people see a homepage and was able to learn joy to be able to have difficulty, an order to connect with an order from there through this work.

 In addition, it has it is chosen as the MVP of the result department which moved into action and commend it, and it is said, and it is at all a memory that I embrace each other while crying with the seniors of the same department, and was pleased (laugh)

I am advised to a job hunting student

We love people forward well. Own good point, a thing, a special ability doing their best, please appeal to us thoroughly lively without being shy at the place emphasizing oneself.

2013 entering a company / copper elongation production / meimatsu

Are you doing what kind of work now?

 I dissolve copper and pour it into a model and produce billets. I dissolve the scrap which is raw materials at a high temperature and I drain it into the mold and mold columnar materials. Work itself is the same every time, but expertise is necessary for one one, and seniors still tell me. When it was manly work, it was attractive and felt since I did our tour of the plant for the first time while seeing work.

In addition, when there were the events such as an athletic meet or the employee trip to hear a story by a briefing session, I knew it and I thought other than the work that delightful and wanted to work here.


 I was troubled without work being difficult, and going as expected in the beginning. But the people of the circumference supported it and became able to carry out an activity hard to please, and work became fun. I have not hit it to a product by our process yet, but feel that I find their products incidentally in towns delightfully.

I am advised to a job hunting student

As it is an important choice, you choose you carefully, and please look for the workplace thinking here to be able to get along with effort.

I think that it is an atmosphere of the company when it was observed to think that it is important personally. It is difficult to make sure of what kind of companies top and bottom relations are, but thinks that it is what I hear at the time of interview. By the way, we are the close workplaces without department relations.

2004 entering a company / quality control / Namikawa

Are you doing what kind of work now?

 I work as the person in charge of the Quality Control Section. I think about various methods every day to give quality in the company and perform an activity not to make a defective article in cooperation with a Manufacturing Department and die section.

An objection must not happen, but negotiations and why occurred to a customer with a sales representative or perform cause investigation and outbreak preventive measures when an objection occurs. When I stamped out the objection, in cooperation with a factory, there is substantial sense of accomplishment.


 There are various causes for the outbreak factor of the objection and it is very difficult to hit the measures, but is worthwhile. Even if an objection happens, praised time feels that it is when "he/she did it well" to a customer delightfully most when a problem was solved safely.

I am advised to a job hunting student


 I experienced many companies before I entered the company. We returned after I retired once. I made a detour a little, but was good experience for me. I work on the job, the work, the work hard even if I will do any choice and think that you should wear one each. Please still do your best with every effort from now on.

2013 entering a company / die production / Egusa

Are you doing what kind of work now?

 The correction of the die, maintenance management. I clean the bearing of the die.

Even if the place of this work hard to please does not add any hand to a die, I do not have any problem until the last time, and the product which there was is good at pushing out, and there may not be pushing out. About this, it cannot be yet settled and is an everlasting problem. I tear my hair out over this phenomenon, but feel fun of the manufacturing in the place how solves it.

In addition, when I pushed you, a product turns and is twisted, and use it at all and think about a lost die by oneself and revise it and feel joy when it is a beautiful product and came out, and it is in own confidence.


 It was quiet, and the work of the modified room was difficult, and experience seemed to say to tell the thing. By the correction, it touches it with a thing regulating speed of the metal which melted flowing in the die called the bearing, and it works that dig it, and revise minadoo including it, and hand the product which is good by an extruding process and a finish process that the metal which melted drift.


I  worked in the same department ever since I found a job in this company, and it was the sixth year, but it was possible for following it to the boss in the state that it was not revealed what you could revise how in the beginning at all in no time. When I was gradually separated from the hand of the boss, and I pushed the die which I revised alone for the first time, and a product appeared neatly, I was impressed.

I am advised to a job hunting student

  I think whether there are a lot of new things, but should be able to surely come across a senior and the boss supporting oneself if I provide a quality of oneself, and I work, and everything wrestles with an obedient feeling. Please do your best.


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