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About a different shape

About copper elongation variant materials

As for the brass stick, a circle, a hexagon, a square is generally main.
However, I think it to be that a large number of customers cut a brass stick and are used.
By, in us, being prepared by the shape that is similar to the shape that a customer is finally used in,
Shortening of the production time of the customer is enabled and can plan reduction in cost.
Furthermore, I can reduce materials loss.
If use of last length is long, the cutting with the processing machine becomes difficult, and the merit of our pushing out product (or a drawing product) is made use of.
Production is possible for the shape that is hard to prepare it in our development alloy KS-B, KS-R, KS-H in C3604 in us.
At first please refer to our salesman casually.
Besides, materials too with C2700, C2800, C3771, C4641, other makers such as C6782 without the handling
I handle it.
I handle the kadomiresu materials in consideration for environment.
The leadless materials predicted that it is unfolded more will be equivalent in future.
As for 1, the copper elongation product, a circle stick is mainstream, but is suitable for a different shape so as to be separated from a circle stick.
I can reduce materials loss to be able to reduce 2, cutting.
I can shorten processing time to be able to reduce 3, a processing process.
4, the processing of the peripheral shape are unnecessary. The finish may be only cutting.
Because long processing is difficult with 5, the processing machine, I recommend a heteromorphic stick.

About an aluminum shape

The aluminum shape is cheap mainly, and A6063 with the versatility is often used by main.
In us, the aluminum frequent use type holds the shape dies which is generally often used such as a straight angle, a circle, a pipe, an angle, a channel.
It can produce variants (original shape) by a request and the use of the customer as well as a general-purpose model.
Is there such a shape? Even if this is thought of, please talk.
The materials are not only A6063, too, and the lineups such as A1070, A3003, A6005C, A6061 are enriched, too.
As for the aluminum shape, building materials, a carrier, an FA device play an active part in every field.
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