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Process of manufacture of the copper elongation section

An original product is developed by a self-developed machine. As for the long history, it is proved the trust. I challenge various needs in a certain technique.
Technique of the artisan and original production process, it which were systematized are our prides. The special alloy, low birth system to meet by multi-kind production with a special shape in small quantities does not permit the following of other companies. The Kaimei unique product producing the original world always keeps moving forward towards the everlasting future.
From dissolution, the casting of the billet to extruded various correction, I produce on an assembly line.
The extrusion dies which hold now more than 10,000 kinds.
I am proud of more than 80% of shares in building hardware in the whole country and produce a great variety of products among other things.

Process of manufacture

1. Combination

I assume Dalai powder and a scrap of the brass raw materials.

I choose raw materials and quantity to use according to materials and make molten metal.

I pour molten metal into a model and make a billet of approximately 4m.
4.Billet cutting

Pushing out breathe it, and cut a billet into short pieces to length.

I heat a billet of the brass to the extruded temperature that there is.
6.Pushing out

I set the dice and push a product.
7.Extruded cutting

I cut the product which I pushed.
8.Stretcher, correction

I pull a product and cure of a curve.
※It is a process between the heat to here.
8.After the stretcher, the correction, it is the end with a product inspection, packing 14 cutting 13 12.
9.Acid wash

I remove the oxidation film.
※The cold process from here 14 to a product.

I get rid of unevenness of the size through the cold dice.

I remove the distortion that occurred by drawing.

I cut it to the length of the order.
13.Inspection, packing

I inspect dimensions and the surface and pack it.

I ship it to the customer.
 The inquiry is this
TEL. +81-771-23-6111
Head office time in from 8:15 to 17:30
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
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