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We pursue the making of better product in a motto with "a present of the true heart" every day.
Using various inspection equipment, I guarantee the product after an examination for examination for appearance, dimensions, component measurement, the hardness measurement. I always keep a close watch to be able to send the product which can be satisfied with a customer while I aim at the perfect score in all processes, and "the next process is strongly conscious of a customer".
In addition, I accumulate each data and analyze it every day.

Pulling testing equipment

Vickers hardness testing equipment

Examination for examination for examination for component measurement / hardness measurement / dimensions / appearance / tensile strength
Inspection equipment :Pulling testing equipment, three-dimensional measuring machine, Vickers hardness testing equipment

Acquisition qualification

JIS 3250
JIS 4100
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TEL. +81-771-23-6111
Head office time in from 8:15 to 17:30
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
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