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Die design technology

From a design to production.
Thought having one one by originality and invention in a form. We aim at only 1 than No. 1.
The die becoming the basics of the quality performs design and development in all in the company.
The die produced by the fusion of a technique of the copper elongation, the technique of the aluminum consists of the original know-how that the other companies do not have.
A building, electricity, a machine, a car gets a high evaluation by a wide variety of uses and will push forward a study by the company in future.
Machining center (two) / frequent use fraise / bearing grinder /NC fraise
Plane grinder / drill press (three) / wire cut (two)
Electric discharge method machine (four) / compressor /NC electric discharge method machine (three) / lathe

Machining center


NC fraise


The solid dice


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