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To the first customer

Flows from an inquiry to production

The flows from an inquiry to product delivery of goods are as follows.
The Pan-material has the unnecessary thing of the die production.
Please feel free to contact anything.
1, inquiry

The inquiry "can you make such a thing?" that I do not mind in a figure of simple image even if there is not a drawing is welcome!
As for the Pan-material, the question that the size that a size list does not have feels free to contact from inquiry form, telephone, FAX hurries; is uncool.
2, meeting (estimate, examination)

Our salesman does the suggestion of the product, cost side.
I perform production from a design consistently in us and make an image a form with a customer.
3, trial product production

After producing a trial product, please confirm the state of the product with a customer.
I perform an offer, the tour of the plant of the trial product depending on the request of the customer.
After 4, the mass production, I deliver it

I perform itadaketamashitara mass production satisfied with a trial product.
I pack the product and send it to the delivery of goods of the customer hope.
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