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Copper elongation product

Copper elongation product

 I push you and can do a complicated, special shape alone in the "heteromorphic Kaimei" country


We are good at a complicated, special shape and think it to be that it is useful for the processing loss reduction of the customer, and there is it. In addition, I develop special materials and materials depending on us's original use for environment and provide the eco-friendly materials.

The copper elongation is called another name, brass (chase how about brass), brass (brass) by an alloy of copper and zinc.

Because it is the alloy which is easy to handle moderate strength, cutting characteristics, it lasts for building materials (building hardware materials) and electricity, a machine part, a car, many divergences including key materials and is used. The plating characteristics are used for various household articles and accessories widely by an easy thing.
In addition, it is used because I show the color that is golden attractiveness and a solid look when I want to demand sense of quality.


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