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JOINUS! Kaimei!

Athletic meet
In June, 2019, I held Kaimei copper elongation athletic meet. On the day, blessed with weather, I participated in the competition that there was many it regardless of great jump rope, any people regardless of age or sex including borrowed thing competition, 0 X quizzes, child throwing-ball game, representative relay in sunlight of the early summer. "0 0 of the Manufacturing Department is fast of running!" usually worked and could see the one side that I could not know and was able to deepen interchange more.
Trip to depths Lake Biwa
I went to the log house of depths Lake Biwa in an association blue girl part. I played bowling and I performed BBQ, fireworks, a bingo meeting at night and I did UNO and enjoyed it each in the daytime. I could usually interchange in members of the same generation whom I rarely associated with by work and was able to deepen relation.
Holding of the ball game meet
It was diligent from 20 years old to 70 years old. I borrowed volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and Kameoka-shi citizen gymnasium and held it. It was the day when I was full of cheers and laughter.
Strawberry picking
In May, I went for strawberry picking in a blue girl part of the Kaimei copper elongation. I went to visit the strawberry garden of Shiga this time and deepened interchange in the same generation.
Employee trip
In 2017, I went for trip to Okinawa of 3 days and 2 nights in an employee trip. About 100 people participated and they saw the sights of Shuri Castle, Churaumi Aquarium and touched history and the culture of Okinawa. A social gathering was held at night of the first day and was the best upsurge.
Kyoto Sanger. Watching FC game
In 2018, I went for watching game of Kyoto Sanger in April. (not a supporter as of 20 years.) I watched a game of the game with the soccer team of Oita on the day of the game. I supported you with the supporter absorbedly and was the day when I was able to be refreshed. A game was held in a soccer ground of Nishikyogoku, but a stadium was built at the station square of Kameoka, Kyoto with the head office of the Kaimei copper elongation from 2020!
I participate in various exhibitions every year. As our product is utilized in many uses such as a building, air conditioning, facilities machine, electricity, an electric equipment, a car, transportation equipment, I appeal to many people as material as much as possible. I can talk with the various types of industry through an exhibition.
Meeting with the rice cake
I performed the meeting with the rice cake in 2017, December. Using a mallet and a mortar, I made rice cake pitapat. I prepared, and the making of hazenzaiyaokowao thoroughly enjoyed a soybean flour rice cake, Japanese radish rice cake, bean jam rice cake, chocolate rice cake containing it in the last in last year. The employee participated in the one of the family, and a chairperson, the president rounded a rice cake by oneself and was able to enjoy it with a cozy atmosphere.
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