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Aluminum product

Aluminum product

I am good at the shape that "Kaimei of the accessory" is small, and is complicated. Please consult.


We are called Kaimei' of 'accessory and are good at a small, complicated shape and answer the request of the customer from die production to pushing out, processing in coherent product line. In addition, I develop it to answer in special materials except 6063 which are general materials.


Aluminum is used widely in the fields of transportation such as a plane, a ship, a car, the railroad carriage and building materials, accessories, an air conditioner, various fields including the precision electric equipment apparatus by the characteristic that I well put the strong electricity, heat that it is metal extremely superior in molding workability, and is light through.

In addition, it is corrosion-resistant and can improve wear resistance with maintaining beautiful metallic luster by the alumite processing that is an aluminum original surface treatment method.
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