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New face rookie appearance

Hello! It is kamechi!
A hot day continues, is a cuttlefish of everybody getting along every day?The mark that is a red endThe mark that is a red end
An executive managing director plants a bitter gourd as a green curtain every year,
It becomes fun every day to do watering when I see a state becoming big rapidlyClover of four leavesShiningly
I try watering hard not to kill the bitter gourd for a water deficit either,
As the factory became hot, I am going to do heat measures and hydration diligentlyThree exclamation marks (balloon)
All of you, please be careful about heat stroke, tooExclamation mark (balloon)
Well, I introduce the episode of the salesman of Osaka today!
(contents of ※ around the spring of 2019.)
 I act together approximately every day with new face salesman K from September, 2018.
From the study that is basic in the state that charge is not decided on yet, it is every day such as the dinner parties by the reception with the customer.
 I looked at various new faces from the past. I was the basic type that I drank and contacted with in nikeshon while working together.
However, in this K, alcohol is useless. The person that the customer cannot drink all the subordinates either is a basic weak point.
That's right. I am a salesman of the real old type.
 The salesman of the old type is made to be surprised to work with the latest new face salesman recently.
There is the work of the business in various ways, but the above all new reclamation is great work.
It is the times when information is easily really available now in comparison with the times without a net like now.
 At first I began search for list of new reclamation from a net with him.
The customers (the industry) who seems to be popular is important, but the customers who wants to sell is important.
At first I gave priority to the customers who wanted to sell and made lists in a net that oneself was conscious and sold.
In the list, I wrote in an address, a phone number, HP, important duties contents and wrote in the nearest station of main means of transportation when a hand was not crowded.
 While as I was ready for the list, at first my who am a senior being embarrassed, and performing an appointment, and being horizontal for him, and hearing it,
I wrote my phone conversation and itemized phone conversation after several cases called and talked what kind of thing I said.
I said a different thing by a partner, but I confirmed a rough flow and directed him to perform a tele appointment from there.
 When I did business, I hated taking the telephone first. The technical term hated not knowing a feeling, a meaning like a foreign language at all.
However, it was to the phone conversation which hardly changed with me when he performed a tele appointment magnificently without hating it, and five or six cases of the things called it.
I was really surprised. I do my best while I do not get the existing fruit quite good appointment without being discouraged too much. 
 I started a diving visit in the place that was not good when I finished a tele appointment generally.
I said that I saw that I jumped several and visited this on the side and let him do it immediately in a low voice restlessly first,
He/she came to be able to do it as such immediately.    
 To be frank, I was surprised at courage and the strength of legs, but I look for a company in a net routinely, and the present youth makes it the list by job hunting,
I call and visit it, but I cannot readily find a job and it is repeated every day and completely fits these exchanges. Really great.
 I visit it with him newly and at first am aiming for taking one newcomer now.
It is open for pleasure every day when I want to taste a success experience together early.
I disguise myself by a new face rookie appearance very much when and do it and am every day when I hit the home run with business suddenly or am excited at.
The inquiry from this! 
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